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Marny Schantz

Marny Schantz
Marny Schantz


I work hard and play hard. The buck stops at this desk where there is a no nonsense policy. Working with mixed personalities daily and the never-ending situations that arise with contracts, I find I enjoy the challenge of the office. Coordinating business activities such as public relations, continuing education, office promotion and personal accounting of funds are part of my job description. Joel and I started our real estate company in 1987, with 4 agents and have grown to 15 licensees. As a combined team, Joel and I bring a sense of "business first" attitude to ensure the clients' needs are met at all times. We expect our staff and agents to be the most professional and knowledgeable people possible. Because of our expertise, we enjoy the strong hold we have created in the Taos real estate market, commanding much of the sales in the MLS. Our office is a melting pot of people from all origins. This mix brings a level of cultural and physical awareness that Taos brings to surface so well. In real estate, you will find we believe that for every buyer, there is a perfect property. The Taos experience can begin here.

Just for the record, I originate from Media, Pennsylvania, graduated from Juniata College and became a buyer for Mercantile Stores, Inc. in New York City. Juniata is where Joel and I met, and I found myself giving up my career to pursue the adventure Taos and Joel had to offer. We have built our own adobe home and have two beautiful daughters. Community activities have always included the Girl Scouts. Having had a troop for 9 years and Director of Day Camp for 10 years, I am currently on the Girl Scouts - New Mexico Trails Board of Directors, where my vision to "rejuvenate" our 500-acre camp of pristine beauty in Angel Fire has progressed to a multi-million dollar Capital Campaign. The out-of-doors is a passion. I love to ski: climbing the ridge, doing the bumps; my favorite run is Stauffenberg. In the summer, tennis is my diversion, but it kills the knees.

Real Estate is our business. We are a service industry, ready to serve you.

Mission Statement

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Taos Real Estate is in the business of helping Taos people as well as newcomers buy and sell real estate in Taos County and northern New Mexico. We focus on service and respect for the basic values of people and community. Our customers are invaluable to our success and deserve the most reliable professional service available.

We set ourselves apart from other offices by being the most honest, having the highest integrity, and placing the well-being of our agents above all else. Our purpose is to enable the company to make a reasonable profit and to help our agents increase their standard of living by making as much money as possible.

Our guiding principle shall remain, “If you have to ask if it is ethical or not…Don’t Do It.” We believe that our philosophy and quality of our agents is due to their shared commitment to innovation, individual growth, and knowledge, shall dominate the Taos market. We shall maintain a level of excellence, which will become the standard by which all other organizations in the industry shall measure their success.

Leadership starts at the top.