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Luisa Guercini

Luisa Guercini
Luisa Guercini

Associate Broker

Having worked many years in customer service-related industries, I am passionate about helping others. With degrees in Fashion Merchandising and Italian, which I am fluent in, from The University of Alabama I have an eye for design and aesthetics. I am constantly captivated by the beautiful Southwest style architecture in New Mexico. As the daughter of an Italian immigrant, my passion for quality design began as a child where I was fortunate to go on family trips to Italy. I grew up visiting Taos as a kid and fell in love with the beautiful lush nature and mountains as well as the cool, crisp summer evenings with no humidity that we do not have in Dallas, Texas! I have lived in Texas, Alabama, New York, Italy, and traveled to many countries all over the world. Taos has a unique culture unlike anywhere else. I love the art scene in Taos with all the wonderful galleries and festivals. Many unique individuals and expressive art forms for such a “small town”! The hiking, views, and outdoor exploring opportunities are World class. I am a transplant to the Taos area and excited to be working for Berkshire Hathaway, the #1 Real Estate Agency in Taos. Let’s work together to tailor your specific Real Estate needs!

  •         Customer Service and Results Oriented
  •         Eye for Design
  •         Passionate about Taos
  •         Backed by one of the Best Real Estate Agencies in the country, #1 Agency in Taos, and one of the top                Qualifying Brokers in Taos
  •         You will reap the benefits of my work ethic and dedication in assisting you to find the perfect home for you          or in listing your home  on the market.